Experiments on Suggestion: Criminal Scientist

This is a fragment from 1971 film directed by Felix Sobolev. The psychological experiments were conducted by Dr. Valeria Mukhina

Different people are shown the same portrait. Some are told that this is a famous scientist, others - that this is a dangerous criminal (the true profession of the photographed man is an actor). In every case they are asked to describe his character based on the photo.

Press the "play" button to view the video. 5 minutes. In Russian with English subtitles.

In a related experiment an actor was presented to a highly educated audience as a great scientist . He went on to read a lecture, which was a complete nonsense. Nobody noticed anything wrong.

See for yourself if you can tell a masterpiece of modern art, when its famous name is detached from it, from a picture painted by an animal. Could it be that the admiration for modern art is instilled by suggestion?

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